Tender Process

Openplan Architectural Design in conjunction with its client can:

- Identify a list of potential contractors to invite to tender,
- Determine the type of contract to be used between the client and contractor,
- Prepare and issue tender documentation,
- Access the tenders received,
- Prepare a report to enable the client to appoint a contractor to carry out the works.

You may consider that the information produced at Construction Drawing stage is of sufficient detail for you to supply to a contractor to construct your project. Unfortunately you may find that this is not the case and that costs escalate and quality deteriorates during the course of construction.  

Openplan Architectural Design would recommend that you allow us to prepare tender submission packs on your behalf to ensure that you get the best choice of contractor and value for your money.

This stage identifies with the clients input a list of builders, who are know to us and are reliable, to tender for your proposed project. This will involve interviewing the contractors at our offices to explain the nature of the works and we will arrange for them to visit the property to familiarise themselves with the project. 

The tender package consists of a detailed scope of works and specification required, for the contractor to accurately price the structure and sets out the conditions of the building contract. This includes information on how the building is to be built, the construction details, who is supplying what materials, the electrical and plumbing layout and the required finishes. Once tenders are received we will discuss these with you and help you select the best contractor for the works.

There is considerable work involved in the preparation of all the documentation involved in the Tender Process but as a result Openplan Architectural Design are able to set up a Building Contract between you and a chosen contractor with a program and payment schedule to suit your requirements.

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