Planning Objections & Appeals

Everyone has the right to see a planning application and, subject to payment of a prescribed fee, comment in writing, either positively or negatively, on it, if they feel that it is likely to affect them either as an individual or their neighbourhood. You can also comment on a planning application even if you are not directly affected but feel strongly about a particular issue.

In deciding on an application, each Planning Authority must take all written comments into consideration before determining a Notification of a Decision. If you are not happy with the Decision issue by the Planning Authority you have the option of an Appeal to An Bord Pleanala. These Appeals are prepared following a Notification of a Decision by the Planning Authority. Appeals to An Bord Pleanala must be lodged to the Bord within 4 weeks of the date of this Decision, so prompt action is essential.

The importance of an Appeal to An Bord Pleanala cannot be underestimated as it provides a forum where you can look to have the Decision by the Planning Authority overturned. They are important and often complex documents. A decision made by An Bord Pleanala is the final part of the Planning Process. The option of Alternative Legal Action will encounter significant delays in time and incur considerable costs.

Openplan Architectural Design has extensive experience in the preparation of Planning Appeals to An Bord Pleanala on behalf of our Clients

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