Fire Safety Certificates

If you are developing any building other than dwellings (including apartment buildings) or carrying out certain works to which the Requirements of Part B (Fire Safety - 2006) Technical Guidance Documents of the Building Regulations pertain it will be necessary for you to apply to your Local Authority (Building Control) for a Fire Safety Certificate.

A Fire Safety Certificate is an approval by the Building Control Authority that the proposed design of the building is in compliance with Part B (Fire Safety - 2006) of the Technical Guidance Documents, under Article 7 of the Building Regulations, 1997.

When you receive a Fire Safety Certificate in relation to a proposed design, it means that your building will only comply with the Fire Safety requirements of the Building Regulations if it is constructed in accordance with the plans, documents and information submitted to the Building Control Authority.

Openplan Architectural Design can prepare a Fire Safety Certificate Application to the Local Authority (Building Control) on your behalf. We will prepare preliminary layout drawings to discuss the development with Fire Officer and incorporate any recommendations. We then prepare detailed drawings and documentation including Fire Safety Certificate Report to indicate general compliance with Part B (Fire Safety - 2006), Technical Guidance Document of Building Regulations prior to lodging a formal application

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