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Construction Drawings are prepared once Notification of Planning Permission has been granted by the Local Authority. These are detailed scaled drawings including dimensioned plans, detailed sections, external elevations, site sections, and site works. These are prepared in conjunction with a detailed specification to enable works to be commenced out on site.

When planning permission has been received for your proposed development Openplan Architectural Design can, if instructed, begin looking at the preparation of construction details. Should you wish to fast-track your project, we would be happy to begin developing these details, prior to planning approval. 

Detailed drawings produced at this stage will serve as a set of instructions for any contractor wishing to construct the works. They will provide information on the building including: the size, shape, the type of materials to be used, the method of fixing as well as clearly noted dimensions showing the position of all elements of structure.

At Openplan Architectural Design we pride ourselves at not only meeting the current standards, but also taking several steps further to provide you with a comprehensive set of drawings and ancillary documentation that will give a contractor detailed information and therefore give your project the best chance of running smoothly, on time and to budget.

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