Architectural Modelling

computmodelYou may find it difficult to visualise your proposed design from sketches or drawings in a two-dimensional flat format.

Openplan Architectural Design can provide Architectural Modeling for any project which gives a clear illustration of the proposed development. They are also a useful aid to allow the Area Planner to visualise the completed structure. These can be done through fully computerised 3D models and/or an architectural scaled study model.

Computerised 3D Models

Computer modeling generates an accurate visual of your proposed design allowing you to see internal or external colour images, prior to submission of a formal planning application to the Local Authority. During the design stage, computer models and animations of the proposed design, allow you to walk through the proposed structure and see everything in three-dimensions. It also allows us to study how light and shadows penetrate the spaces.

Our 3D artist with a background in architecture utilisies a wide range of 3D tools and software packages including Adobe Creative Suite. He is highly skilled in detailed 3D modeling, as well as the optimisation of scenes for animation, also lighting, rendering and post-production.

Architectural Scale Model

scalemodelAn architectural scale study model is a very simple but effective tool to portray the design, shape and proportions of any proposed development. 
Openplan Architectural Design use white card to produce a scaled representation of each structure which can be viewed from every angle. It is also a useful aid to finalise detailed design.

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