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Openplan Architectural Design Services

servicesAn Architectural practice with a wide range of services.

Openplan Architectural Design undertakes to assist its clients to evaluate their individual project and establish its suitability in terms of location, design and cost. As an architectural practice we can provide you with a range of services. These can include investigating the feasibility of the project, developing design proposals, applying for planning permission, preparing construction information, obtaining tenders for the building work and on site supervision.

Although a full service has obvious benefits, you might only require us initially for exploratory services to help determine the optimum way to achieve your objectives, or to carry out specific activities such as preparing a planning application. Such an appointment can be later extended to include further services when & if desired.


We work with a broad palette of skills and can provide or arrange other services connected with any project such as: 

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Openplan Architectural Design

Openplan Architectural Design is a dynamic design–led firm based in Tralee, Co. Kerry. We provide an innovative, high quality, reliable and cost-effective professional service in architectural design and planning for private houses, residential developments and commercial projects, irrespective of scale. 

No matter how complex your requirements or planning restrictions that must be incorporated Openplan Architectural Design has the creativity and experience to meet your individual needs, from concept design right up to occupation.

About Us

Openplan Architectural Design is a design–led architectural practice based in Tralee, Co. Kerry. We provide an innovative, high quality, reliable and cost-effective professional service in architectural design and planning for private houses, extensions & refurbishment works.

Our approach to all projects, regardless of scale or budget, is to gain a clear understanding of the objectives and vision of our clients. We invest time and energy collaborating with our clients and any necessary specialists to identify opportunities and explore a range of options available to arrive at the optimum solution to satisfy your requirements.

Openplan Architectural Design can offer you a "one-stop" service catering for all your needs from concept design and planning permission to occupation. We have a multi-disciplinary team available to provide you with architectural, engineering, cost analysis and project management solutions appropriate to your needs.

Our mission at Openplan Architectural Design is a sustained commitment to good architecture. We recognise that achieving this mission means being fully aware of the needs of each client and consistently providing a high quality service. Fundamental to our approach is the belief that the optimum solution is often the simplest. This has resulted in projects that have clear, legible and efficient designs whilst at the same time are exciting, innovative and give our clients years of enjoyment with their families.

Welcome to OpenPlan.ie

There may be various aspects of your existing house that you are unhappy with. With a little vision your existing home can be transformed into the home you have dreamed about. This is where openplan.ie can help you!


openplan.ie aims to provide you with the necessary information and expertise to explore all the options that you have available and allows you to choose the level of service you require and the costs that suit your budget.


An architecturally designed extension and/or a carefully thought out alteration to your existing floor layout can compliment your existing home and provide you with the room to improve your home. openplan.ie can help you achieve this without breaking the bank.

Latest Projects

Latest Projects

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