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Traditional Style Cottage Extension

Construction Date
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4 Months
Traditional Style Cottage Extension
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The main requirement was space and storage and how to ensure that one did not impact on the other. To achieve this required floor space, the only appropriate solution that would not impact on the 'cottage' appearance was to extend the existing kitchen/dining area towards  the rear of the house. This allowed us to create what is effectively three separate functioning areas within the one space. i.e. kitchen, dining, family.

The family area is located within the new extension and this accesses onto an external deck , via a folding/sliding wall of glazing. The external deck is covered with fixed roof (awning). This allows the space to be used throughout the year, irrespective of weather conditions.

The extension is not visible from the public road which allows for the retention of the traditional profile of the house and also ensures privacy for the occupants.

To avoid unnecessary clutter and increase storage, an external utility room was incorporated as part of a new garden shed which replaced an old timber construction.

Client Brief

In general our clients loved the cosy layout of their home. The kitchen/dining area was the focal point of the house but with the addition of tables, chairs, storage units etc., it had become cramped and could no longer function as a family area. The main requirement was to increase this area, allow more natural light in, but not to take from the "cottage" appearance. There was also some external site works to be carried out.

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