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8 Months

Client Brief

The layout of this existing dwelling house was no longer able to cater for the needs of their young, active and growing family. The existing room sizes while seemingly generous were very restricted on the first floor due to the constraints of the sloping roof etc. The original house had only three bedrooms on the first floor and the existing entrance was not visible from the entrance to the site and there was no segregation between public and private space in the external courtyard. The original layout provided for only limited storage.The client wanted an additional first floor Bedroom with an ensuite. A new Dining room was to be provided on the ground floor. A more formal entrance was also desirable.


Following lengthy discussions with our clients we identified the primary issues and create the additional space required that would integrate in both plan and elevation with the existing structure and in doing so enhance the occupants' quality of life.
A new entrance was created to faces the main site entrance and a draught lobby incorporated for additional comfort.

The main staircase was relocated to the extension and overlooks the Entrance Hall on the ground floor, allowing natural light to both ground and first floors. The landing area extends on into the original house structure to connect with the existing landing area adjacent to the entrance to the Master Bedroom.

The proposed Entrance Hall and the existing Entrance Hall are visually separated to avoid the creation of one large double height space which would be out of proportion with the rest of the dwelling house.The proposed extension echoes the existing North West facing gable in width, height and pitch. The proposed shape enabled us to retain the North West facing window within the existing Living Room and also the dormer window to the Master Bedroom.

A Dining Room was relocated to the North West giving the occupants the benefit of evening sun, and full view of entrance forecourt.The first floor accommodates an additional Bedroom without the intrusion of valley rafters. The windows are offset to give views of both front and rear garden areas.

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