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While constructing a new home or extending can be a very exciting time, having building work done around the house can also be quite daunting and lead to periods of stress for all members of the family. At Openplan Architectural Design we offer a full construction management service, should you not feel confident dealing with your contractor directly and wish us to administer the terms of a contract between you and your contractor and inspect the works as they progress.

Openplan Architectural Design we can monitor progress on site and liaise with Building Contractor. Periodic site visits can be agreed with clients to allow for inspection of progress and quality of works. We can insure that the works are being carried out in accordance with the contract drawings and take on board any design modifications or alterations. 

Regular site meetings with all the relevant parties can make sure that works progress on time and on budget and also ensure that the workmanship of the builder is maintained at high levels.

Openplan Architectural Design will also advise you each month on the Interim Stage Payment that you should make to your contractor to ensure that you do not at any stage, overpay for the amount of work done on site.

Our project management service allows you the option to benefit from the advantages of building with direct labour and material purchase but also enjoying a professionally managed solution.

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